At Trigon Technologies our goals can be expressed very simply. We believe in and are dedicated to these basic tenants:

Quality Products

We sincerely believe that our product quality is unequalled in the industry.  Every Trigon employee has a personal interest in providing the finest quality product.  Our manufacturing staff are encouraged to advance new ideas and methods.  We reward innovation.  Being a small, open-minded company, we are positioned to react quickly to new technology and to our customers’ needs.  And if you should ever order a Trigon product and find it is not everything you expected, we ask you to send it back for a no questions asked refund or replacement, at your option.

Exceptional Customer Service and Expert Technical Support

Every company, large and small, has a line about customer service.  At Trigon Technologies you will find it is far more than a motto – we live and breathe for our customers.  We invite technical questions, even if you are not interested in purchasing a Trigon product.  If we cannot supply what you need we will try to find someone who can.  And we are used to special, custom orders. If you need something you don’t see, do not hesitate to give us a call. We simply enjoy talking and working with you.

On Time Delivery

We can offer you the best products in the world, but if they don’t end up in your hands on time they aren’t worth much.  We know what it’s like on the front lines. We’ve been there.  Our promise to you is to stand by the delivery dates we give.  Should extraordinary circumstances prevent on-time shipment we will let you know in a timely fashion and work with you to provide an equivalent product that does what you need when you need it.

Our Customers Are Number One!

Trigon Technologies has a wide network of distributors.  We are Original Equipment Manufacturing specialists.  We enjoy working with people in the field.  We can answer your questions, give recommendations and refer you to your local distributor.