Carbon Dioxide Traps

Trigon carbon dioxide traps will remove CO2 from gas streams down to less than 1 ppm. These glass bodied, refillable traps are available in two sizes. The filtering medium changes color from white to violet to indicate CO2 absorption. End fittings are nickel plated Swagelok™ and incorporate 40 micron stainless steel frits. Since moisture is generated by the absorption of CO2 and other acidic gases, it is recommended that a moisture trap be installed downstream of these units.

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Specifications / Ordering Information

Size End Fitting CO2 Reduction CO2 Capacity Max Pressure Item Number Price
100cc 1/8″ 1ppm 25gm 125psi TTCO-100-2 $202.00
100cc 1/4″ 1ppm 25gm 125psi TTCO-100-4 $202.00
250cc 1/8″ 1ppm 62gm 125psi TTCO-250-2 $298.00
250cc 1/4″ 1ppm 62gm 125psi TTCO-250-4 $298.00

Refills / Mounting Clips

Carbon Dioxide Trap Refills

Item Item Number Price
Carbon Dioxide Trap Refill (1 pint) TTCOR-1 $87.00

Mounting Clips

Size Item Number Price
For 100cc Traps (2 recommended) TTC-3 $10.00
For 250cc Traps (2 recommended) TTC-4 $10.00