Excelasorb Multipurpose Trap


Oxygen reduction <2ppb
Oxygen capacity 1200mg
Moisture reduction <10ppb
Moisture capacity 46gm
Hydrocarbon reduction <20ppb
Hydrocarbon capacity 30gm
Carbon Dioxide reduction <1ppm
Carbon Dioxide capacity 100gm
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Trigon’s layered bed, multi-purpose trap is designed to remove oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide from gas streams. This 750cc unit will take the place of three separate traps, simplifying installation and reducing the number of potential leak sites that contribute to the aspiration of contaminants into the system. End fittings are stainless steel Swagelok™ fitted with 40 micron stainless steel frits. A regeneration service is offered.

Ordering Information

Description End Fitting Item Number Price
Trigon Excelasorb 1/8″ TTE-750-2 $334.00
Trigon Excelasorb 1/4″ TTE-750-4 $334.00
Mounting Clip (2 recommended) TTC-5 $10.00