Hydrocarbon / Moisture Traps

Trigon hydrocarbon traps utilize a very high surface area activated carbon. These refillable traps are available in several configurations. The standard model contains 200cc of filtering medium. For highly critical applications such as carrier gas lines in gas chromatography and GC/MS we offer 100cc and 750cc units that feature one piece spun aluminum bodies and are helium purged prior to shipment. Each Swagelok™ end fitting includes a 40 micron stainless steel frit.

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Hydrocarbon Traps

Size End Fitting Item Number Price
100cc 1/8″ TTH-100-2 $118.00
100cc 1/4″ TTH-100-4 $118.00
200cc 1/8″ TTH-200-2 $122.00
200cc 1/4″ TTH-200-4 $122.00
750cc 1/8″ TTH-750-2 $286.00
750cc 1/4″ TTH-750-4 $286.00
750cc 1/2″ TTH-750-8 $295.00


Unit Hydrocarbon reduction Hydrocarbon capacity Maximum pressure
100cc Unit <10ppb 11gm 200psi
200cc Unit <10ppb 16gm 200psi
750cc Unit <10ppb 40gm 200psi

Hydrocarbon/Moisture Traps

These refillable, 200cc hydrocarbon / moisture traps contain a mixed bed of activated carbon and molecular sieve 13X for the simultaneous removal of hydrocarbons and moisture. Each Swagelok™ end fitting includes a 40 micron stainless steel frit.

Size End Fitting Item Number Price
200cc 1/8″ TTHM-200-2 $122.00
200cc 1/4″ TTHM-200-4 $122.00


Unit Hydrocarbon / moisture reduction Hydrocarbon capacity Moisture Capacity Max Pressure
200cc Unit <20ppb 11gm 14gm 250psi

Refills / Mounting Clips


Item Item Number Price
Hydrocarbon Trap Refill (1 pint) TTHR-1 $39.00
Hydrocarbon Trap Refill (1 gallon) TTHR-8 $260.00
Hydrocarbon / Moisture Trap Refill (1 pint) TTHMR-1 $49.00

Mounting Clips

Size Item Number Price
For 100cc Traps (2 recommended) TTC-2 $10.00
For 200cc Traps (2 recommended) TTC-3 $10.00
For 750cc Traps (2 recommended) TTC-5 $10.00