Indicating Moisture Traps

Trigon moisture traps utilize polycarbonate bodies, more inert and resistant to infusion than the acrylic used by other manufacturers. These traps are refillable and available in three sizes with three different adsorbent combinations. The ends are provided with Swagelok™ tube fittings. Each end fitting includes a 40 micron sintered stainless steel frit. Maximum pressure is 125 psi.

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Molecular Sieves 13X and Indicating 4A

The adsorbents most commonly employed for gas drying in gas chromatography.  The indicating 4A changes from blue to tan at 20% relative humidity.

 Size  End Fitting  Capacity  Efficiency  Item Number  Price
 120cc  1/8″  22gm  <25ppb  TTM-120-2  $108.00
 120cc  1/4″  22gm  <25ppb  TTM-120-4  $108.00
 200cc  1/8″  36gm  <20ppb  TTM-200-2  $122.50
 200cc  1/4″  36gm  <20ppb  TTM-200-4  $122.50
 400cc  1/8″  72gm  <15ppb  TTM-400-2  $155.00
 400cc  1/4″  72gm  <15ppb  TTM-400-4  $155.00

Moisture Trap Refills

Size  Item Number  Price
 1 pint  TTMR-1 $51.50
 1 gallon  TTMR-8 $317.00

Molecular Sieves 5A and Indicating Drierite™

This mixture will remove oil and hydrogen sulfide as well as moisture. The indicating Drierite™ changes from blue to pink as relative humidity approaches 40%.

 Size  End Fitting  Capacity  Efficiency  Item Number  Price
 120cc  1/8″  22gm  <25ppb  TTM-120-2-D  $108.00
 120cc  1/4″  22gm  <25ppb  TTM-120-4-D  $108.00
 200cc  1/8″  36gm  <20ppb  TTM-200-2-D  $122.50
 200cc  1/4″  36gm  <20ppb  TTM-200-4-D  $122.50
 400cc  1/8″  72gm  <17ppb  TTM-400-2-D  $155.00
 400cc  1/4″  72gm  <17ppb  TTM-400-4-D  $155.00

Moisture Trap Refills (D)

 Size  Item Number  Price
 1 pint  TTMRD-1 $51.50
 1 gallon  TTMRD-8 $317.00

Silica Gel Grade 40 and Indicating Silica Gel Grade 48

Extremely high capacity for moisture with high affinity for hydrocarbons.  The indicating silica gel changes from blue to pink at 40% relative humidity. Not recommended for GC applications.

 Size  End Fitting  Capacity  Efficiency  Item Number  Price
 120cc  1/8″  32gm  <40ppm  TTM-120-2-S  $108.00
 120cc  1/4″  32gm  <40ppm  TTM-120-4-S  $108.00
 200cc  1/8″  53gm  <39ppm  TTM-200-2-S  $122.50
 200cc  1/4″  53gm  <39ppm  TTM-200-4-S  $122.50
 400cc  1/8″  105gm  <39ppm  TTM-400-2-S  $155.00
 400cc  1/4″  105gm  <39ppm  TTM-400-4-S  $155.00

Moisture Trap Refills (S)

 Size  Item Number  Price
 1 pint  TTMRS-1  $51.50
 1 gallon  TTMRS-8  $317.00

Mounting Clips for Moisture Traps

 Size  Item Number  Price
 For 120cc and 200cc Traps (2 recommended)  TTC-3  $10.00
 For 400cc Traps (2 recommended)  TTC-4  $10.00