Oxygen/Moisture Traps


100cc unit

Oxygen reduction <2ppb
Moisture reduction <10ppb
Oxygen capacity 450mg
Moisture capacity 2gm
Maximum Pressure 250psi

750cc high capacity

Oxygen reduction <2ppb
Moisture reduction <10ppb
Oxygen capacity 3200mg
Moisture capacity 15gm
Maximum Pressure 250psi
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Trigon oxygen/moisture traps are ideal for use in gas chromatography and GC/MS.  These traps utilize a one-piece spun aluminum body and Swagelok™ end fittings.  Each fitting incorporates a 40 micron stainless steel frit for particulate control.  A regeneration service is offered for the high capacity model.

Ordering Information

Description End Fitting Item Number Price
Trigon Oxygen/Moisture Trap 1/8″ TTO-100-2 $125.00
Trigon Oxygen/Moisture Trap 1/4″ TTO-100-4 $125.00
High Capacity Oxygen/Moisture Trap  1/8″ TTO-750-2 $316.00
High Capacity Oxygen/Moisture Trap  1/4″ TTO-750-4 $316.00
High Capacity Oxygen/Moisture Trap 1/2″ TTO-750-8 $334.00
Mounting Clip for Oxygen/Moisture Trap
(2 recommended)
TTC-2 $10.00
Mounting Clip for High Capacity Trap
(2 recommended)
TTC-5 $10.00