Glass Bodied Indicating Moisture Traps

Trigon glass moisture traps are impervious to the infusion and out-gassing of contaminants sometimes associated with plastic bodied traps. These are the best moisture traps available for use on carrier gas lines in gas chromatography and GC/MS, as well as other applications where high integrity moisture removal is desired. The glass moisture trap is filled with molecular sieve 13X and incorporates a band of indicating molecular sieve 4A. The refill kit contains sufficient material to refill three 70cc units, two 100cc units or one 250cc model. Each nickel plated Swagelok™ end fitting includes a 40 micron stainless steel frit.

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Unit Moisture Reduction Moisture Capacity Trap Body Max Pressure
100cc Unit <10ppb 16gm Glass 125psi
250cc Unit <10ppb 40gm Glass 125psi

Ordering Information

Size End Fitting Capacity Efficiency Item Number Price
100cc 1/8″ 36gm <20ppb TTGM-100-2 $188.00
100cc 1/4″ 36gm <20ppb TTGM-100-4 $188.00
250cc 1/8″ 72gm <17ppb TTGM-250-2 $227.50
250cc 1/4″ 72gm <17ppb TTGM-250-4 $227.50


Item Item Number Price
Refill Kit TTGMR-1 $51.50

Mounting Clips

Size Item Number Price
For 100cc Traps (2 recommended) TTC-3 $10.00
For 250cc Traps (2 recommended) TTC-4 $10.00