Oxygen reduction <1ppb
Oxygen capacity (standard) 50mg
Oxygen capacity (high cap.) 150mg
Maximum pressure 100psi
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These glass-bodied traps utilize a non-hazardous material that reduces oxygen levels to less than 1 ppb.  This indicating adsorbent changes color from a light green to deep brown as it adsorbs oxygen.  Either of these traps is ideal as an indicator installed downstream of the Trigon Oxygen/Moisture trap.  This allows high capacity removal of oxygen with the benefit of an indicator to alert the user of saturation of the primary trap. End fittings are nickel plated Swagelok™ with 40 micron stainless steel frits.  A regeneration service is also offered.

Ordering Information

Description End Fitting Item Number Price
Trigon Indicating Oxygen Trap 1/8″ TTIO-50-2 $160.50
High Capacity Indicating Oxygen Trap 1/8″ TTIO-150-2 $255.00
High Capacity Indicating Oxygen Trap 1/4″  TTIO-150-4 $255.00
Mounting Clip for Indicating Oxygen Trap
(2 recommended)
 TTC-1 $10.00
Mounting Clip for High Capacity Trap
(2 recommended)
TTC-3  $10.00